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We went to Corvallis Downtown with the ELI students and the volunteers...

It was cold in the morning!

As a result, we walked there instead of taking a bus.

The sky was so blue as you can see in the pictures, which was just like what we saw in the Cingjing in Taiwan.


The Fall Festival was held in 9/27 in Corvallis.

So, one of our purpose of the tour is go to visit the Festival.

The Festival was just the same as that in Taiwan, which is included with crafts, arts, shows, musics, foods and shopping.

It was not specical for me to go there but i should say people living in Corvallis seem to enjoy this festival very much.


Other purpose of the tour is we should go to the Bank of America and open an account.

Because it is uncomfortable to take 10000 USD travel checks with me every day.

I need to put them into the bank.


The bank is open on Mon to Sat.

It seems to be impossible to see this happen in Taiwan.

Anyway, we went there without the volunteers with us and we took this tour as an adventure.

After entering the door, we didn't see many people in the bank.

Actually, perhaps, there were more staffs than the customers.

However, we were so confused that where we could open an account.

Someone helped us immediately when she saw we just looked around the bank like fools.

What i want to mention indeed  is people in Corvallis are so kind and we always get help by them with smiles.

After she knew what we wanted, she guided us to sit on the sofa and wait for a while.

And I finially realized that a while for Americans means a long time for Taiwaneses.

(To be countinued...)


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