Continued for Go to Corvallis Downtown Tour!! Part 1

After a long time of waiting, a very gentle and handsome clerk came to us and ask what he could help us.

Joyce said it to me that it's your turn to speak in English

And i said it won't be a problem.

As i told him about my purpose, i found that America has different system of bank and uses different words about bank.

When we told him we need a current account, he said that he only has two type account including check account and saving account.

That is quite different from what we learnd in ILETS about opening an account in a bank, which are included current account and deposit account.

After his clear domonstration, we finally realized what difference is between the accounts, and we chose the check account.


Finishing the paper works, we went to the Birkenstock which we saw a big discount up to 40% off advertisement in the newspapers.

It was different, when we entered the store,  the style of selling shoes in USA from in Taiwan.

We had to open each box to find what shoe we prefer to buy.

The most important thing is the prices of the shoes were so amazing, and the lowest price was mere about 1000 NTD.

Nevertheless, Joyce didn't buy one of them due to the shortage of our budgets.


We finally went back to the Fall Festival.

The party was just same as what I mentioned above, which was nothing special.

As a result, we went back to our dormitoryies after buying an ice cream.


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