Right, we had a very good time and fun with them.


"It's amazing to see you in Taiwan and here" said Hurst.


The sentence has been in my mind for a while recently, too.




Assume that we met and knew some friends and we met them again in Taiwan,


That seems to happen in movies only.




we did meet them finally.


Although Hurst is a Taiwaness, it is still different to me to have such an experience like this.




As I mentioned before, Polly and Hurst are getting married.


And we knew they will come back Taiwan to have Wedding Pictures which are barely taken in USA, they said.


Beforehand we met together, I had presumed what would be about the wedding pictures.


"Those must look very terrific about their pictures" I thought.


And those did!!


Actually, I don't have good skills to make friends and am a shy man.


Therefore, I only have few truly friend to hang out with them.


Nonetheless, I had so many oppotunities to make friends when I went to the US.


The US is a really good place to make people open their minds.


I do feel comfortable to have so many friends coming from different countries.


And they are all friendly to me and boarded my sight and views.




It is really a good chance to know them and share our feelings to one another.


It is really good to see them and hear Hurst and Polly's marriage.





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