I still remember the Chinese old saying

"Each grain all hard"

This saying means we should cherish what we have due to everything we own is from others' hard working.

I have gone to the " come and order" restaurant for several times in the recent days because this restaurant provides cheap food which only costs me $55 NTD per meal with 1 entree and 4 side orders and plenty of rice.

Due to this reason, some customers don't treat their food as what they should do.

I usually go there after 2 p.m. for my lunch and want to read newspapers.

Those newspapers always seem to be read for thousands of times with "dirty reading habits", which are spit with the readers' food on the papers.

In spite of the dirty conditions and problems in this environment which would make my appetite become awful, to cherish food is the one topic I want to discuss.

It is believed that "The Gleaner (Des glaneuses)" drawn by Millet is a very popular picture which was exhibited in the National Art Museum several months ago.

In this picture, the author wanted to demonstrate or depict the poverty was suffered by a lot of people who had to pick up the crops which were thrown out.

This phenomenon was also in our society about 30 years ago.

Nonetheless, people become wealthy because of development of sophistication of technology which makes people turn into a new life style, materialism, ruining people's minds.

Unfortunately, with the crisis and recession of economy, people seem not to recognize what will happen if we don't cherish our possession and also the shortage of food will clash and crash our lives.

There are still a lot of people suffering from hunger and poverty in the world, aren't there?

How to make people realize that is significant and vital to our lives?

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