I just saw a film or a "Documentary" on youtube.


This documentary is about what phenomenon people living in North Korea (NK) is suffering from.


In fact, this situation is lasting around the world in several countries.

In this documentary, "North Korea, the most isolated country in the world" was described in the very beginning.


This issue is usually discussed when people talk about human right, and also, it is what I concerned when I have touch with friends who live in South Korea.


I didn't know so much about what difference and situation between North and South Korea until I bought the National Geography magazine 2 months ago.



This picture is I scanned from the National Geography magazine which indicates how North Koreans escape from their country to South Korea.


As everyone knows that there is only one line drawn between North and South Korea; nonetheless, the North Koreans who want to escape from their country have to exhaust themselves to do much farther ways to make this happen, the freedom.


In this documentary, I found those North Koreans just wanted what people think it normal to everyone, the human right, food and health care, but those human needs seem to be impossible to them.




If you are interested in this topic, you probably find more information from google search or just see the video I put in this website.

These videos are all from Youtube.com

Korea Out of the North (1/3)

Korea Out of the North (2/3)

Korea Out of the North (3/3)

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