來一個比較輕鬆的翻譯文, 希望大家會喜歡, 我相信愛貓人士們應該都有看過你家的貓咪躲在小地方.

像我有一個永遠難忘的經驗就是我幫貓搬家的時候, 他就消失了, 在我以為他跑不見的時候,



不多說, 趕快來看看Dr. Jon 怎麼說吧~~

(以下文章翻譯自Dr. Jon, 因為是email, 所以原文會放在文章最後)


貓咪們超愛把自己擠在超小又擠的地方. 這就是為什麼我們常常在箱子裡還是袋子裡面,

或是籃子裡, 床下, 抽屜裡, 甚至是衣櫥的後面...找到他們. 我甚至曾經有一隻貓每次我只要打開襪子的抽屜他就一定要跳進去.

(編按: 你確定不是因為你的臭襪子的關係嗎XD)

為什麼貓咪會想做這樣的事情呢? 因為這樣會讓他們感到安全.

貓咪天生就是具警戒心的動物. 一直都準備好逃離即將發生的危險. 所以處身在很擠的小地方會讓他們感到非常舒服.

這就是為什麼我們要準備很多又小又擠的地方, 可以讓他們好好地躲起來, 或是好好的睡一覺.


(後面是Dr. Jon的廣告, 有興趣再看就好)

最近我發現有一個新的貓咪可以躲的巧妙地方. 他是一個有兩個開口的紙箱, 裡面還有一個可以抓抓的地方.

還有一個皮製的玩具在上面. 真的精巧的地方是他把貓咪想要的東西都放在這個箱子裡啦!!

(後面就不翻啦, 有興趣的可以來我的部落格看圖片跟影片, 想要我代買的也可以跟我聯絡, 我本身住在美國.)

我的獸醫日誌: http://littlevet.pixnet.net/blog/category/list/372027


Hi Alex,

Have you ever seen a cat try to "squish" himself into a box that is smaller than he is? 

Cats LOVE to squeeze themselves into small tight spaces.  That's why we often find them inside boxes or bags, in baskets, under beds, in drawers or way back in an obscured corner of the closet.  I even had a cat that jumped into my sock drawer every time I opened it. 

Why do cats do this?  Because it makes them feel safe.

Cats are cautious creatures by nature, always looking out for possible danger at every turn.  Being inside a snug place with little room for anyone or anything else is a very comforting feeling for a cat.  Which is why we should make sure our cats have plenty of tight spots where they can hide away or to take a nice nap.

You've probably learned that a grocery bag or a box can be a little slice of heaven for a cat.

Recently, I came across a new cat hideaway that is really ingenious.  It's a cardboard box with two openings, a nice scratching surface inside, and a fun feather toy on top.  The truly ingenious thing is that it gives cats all of the things they enjoy in one package... and what a cool package it is! 

It's called the Scratch-N-TV because it's shaped like a TV set with a fun feather toy on the antennae and an interactive scratching surface inside.  Cats love it for so many reasons.  They like being inside the box where they can hide out and watch what's going on around them.  They enjoy scratching on the corrugated scratching surface inside.  They like playing with the feather toy on the antenna in several different ways - by sticking a paw through one of the openings in the box, by jumping on top the box, or by batting at the toy from outside the box.  This cool little hideaway makes a great spot for a nap, too.  And while the Scratch-N-TV is fun for one cat, it's even more fun for two or more cats.  The dual openings, the scratching surface and the antennae toy make it a very interactive play environment for your cats to enjoy alone, or together.


I really like the Scratch-N-TV.  It's the most fun your cat will ever have with a cardboard box - and it's a lot of fun for you, too, because it turns your kitty into a TV star.  While your cat enjoys hanging out and playing inside the "TV set", he will also be putting on a funny TV show for you to enjoy.  Talk about "must-see TV"!  If you've ever thought, "My cat is so funny he should be on TV," the Scratch-N-TV is definitely for you.

What a great idea this is - so simple, yet so smart. 

Until next time,

Dr. Jon

P.S.  Watch these two kitties as they play together in their Scratch-N-TV.  They're having an absolute blast!


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